Proudly made on Earth

Our Hybrid-knit material is made with 100% natural ingredients, with 77% merino wool and 23% cotton making the perfect blend. Imagine walking barefeet on cloud, thats how it feels like wearing one of these cwool kicks. Being sustainable and natural, a simple mix of sunshine, air, and water is all it takes for this material to be made.

Merino Wool

"With great hair comes great yarn"
The above super power of merino wool keeping both the herd and our feet cool in the summer and cozy in the winter. The superfine fibres that are 20% the diameter of our hair makes the material extremely soft to touch and itch-free.


Being an amazing sidekick like Robin to Batman, cotton supercharges the breathability of wool, thus making this hybrid material super breezy in warmer weather, keeping our feet comfortable all year long.


Noone likes stinky feet. Hybrid kicks are inner lined with the almighty bamboo fabric, which naturally has anti-bacterial properties to fight odour. The porous nature of this vegan fabric also means it is three times more absorbent than cotton, allowing it to wick and absorb perspiration away from the feet, keeping them dry and free all day, everyday.

Castor Bean

Castorfaom™ incorporates castor bean oil to replace the dirty crude oil being used in the making of our comfy insoles.

Recycled Plastic

A wonderful transformation by Earthloop™. Who would've thought a plastic bottle could turn into something so soft and beautiful.

Recycled Rubber

Still got the Grip! In partnership with Ecogrip™ to throw recycled rubber in the mix for a slip-resistant sole.