Our Story

4 Years Ago Benjamin and Michel had a chance meeting at an international trade fair.

Michel from a design background and footwear brand owner. Benjamin, an engineer and from a family of 3 generations in the footwear industry. A combined experience in the shoe manufacturing and sales of over 40 years. Both with a passion for outdoor life and travel, and the love for animals and our planet earth.

Benjamin had already embarked on a project to develop a shoe using natural, sustainable and eco friendly materials. Michel was also searching for a shoe with this principle in mind having had a long history with successfully selling wool based Australian footwear, recycled and eco friendly casual shoes.

A chord was struck and the 2 budding designers teamed up to grow and nurture the seed that had already be sewn. Carefully researching new and old ideas, vigorously testing and combining the boundaries of modern and traditional materials and technologies to develop and produce what they wanted to be nothing short of the best all round casual footwear brand for all the world and ages to wear and enjoy.

Continuously striving to improve what they already had and to find ways to utilise what mother nature had given them and using natural and recycled materials where possible but never compromising on comfort, quality or usability.

Wool Kicks are finally here, Michel and Benjamin are proud to share their hard work and dedication to what they believe will be the best thing you ever put on your feet, and to rediscover the subtle but profound connection between human and nature.

"With every step comes a leap.

With every leap comes a change."